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A Stroll along the River Bank, Karl-Pierre Daubigny

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Eugène Atget (1857-1927)
Petit Bacchus, 61, rue St. Louis en l’Ile (The Little Bacchus Café), 1901-1902.  The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

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Frederick Sandys, Oriana, 1861, oil on wood, 25.1 x 19 cm, Tate Collection. Source

Oriana is the title character from a Tennyson ballad written in around 1857. Sandys based his painting on the line ‘She stood upon the castle wall’, which signifies the calm before the storm, given that Oriana was killed by a stray arrow just moments after this scene takes place.

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Sir Joseph Noel Paton - Cymochles and Phaedria crossing the Idle Lake in an Enchanted Boat (1850)

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Ludwig Fahrenkrog, La Porta d’Oro

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The Yellow Flower by Robert Lewis Reid

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